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With Love and Support from Friends

Portrait of the Artist

Welcome to our new website. Our oh-so-talented friend, Tamara Talamantes of daVinci Box, has redesigned the entire site, giving it a cleaner, more contemporary look and feel. With this comes the need and obligation to provide updated content, both here in the blog as well as in my art. Take a look around; this web home is still a work in progress. But then, aren’t most locations on the World Wide Web works in progress? They’re rather fluid in nature, as opposed to the print world of books, catalogs, postcards and other ephemera... and as opposed to sculpted metal in a piece of jewelry.

Recently we were in Edom Texas, with some very good friends. We had a wonderful show until the deluge began. You can read about that here. The thing about Edom, it is an event produced by our friends, for our friends. It is a place for us to get together – those of us who have known each other for decades, along with people who are just entering the art world. It’s like the home we know we’ll always have.

Currently we are feverishly working to produce product for three upcoming shows: in Dallas, in Houston and here at my Studio 621. In Dallas we will be at the Randy Broadnax & Friends Christmas Show, which is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary. It’s another place for artists young and old to come together and celebrate the work we do, and to share it with the public. Along those same lines we will be participating in The Heights Artisan Market in Houston. Chris Magisano and Liz Conces Spencer work tirelessly to organize and promote this show, which is in its fourth year. And finally, I’ll be back at my own studio here in Elgin, Texas on December 15th. I have been opening my studio for over 25 years to my friends and customers, as a way to say thank you for all of the support throughout the years.

I now find myself in my zone, working on my art and creating new designs. This is what keeps me going all these years. This last-minute crunch is what makes the creative juices flow, and that creativity is what has moved me through these last 35 years of being a professional artist. Almost nothing about the world of selling art is the same as it was when I began but putting pencil to paper and saw blade to silver remains the same for me. I’ve explored other creative outlets throughout the years, but I always come home to jewelry design. It is as much a part of me as my skin. Hopefully, you will appreciate this if someday somebody stops you on the street and asks about a pendent you are wearing, “Is that a Barry?”

“Yes,” you can say. “It’s a Barry.”

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Thank you, Chris!


Glad you did this! You have a great editor! See y’alll soon.

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