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12/14/2019 • Noon to 8PM



Saturday morning beginning at 8AM



Please be prepared to stay until 8PM. We understand that some people cannot stay due to traveling or other circumstances. But, a professional show calls for us all to commit.



$50.00 per booth. All proceeds will go towards cost of food, promotional material and other expenses. Also, please bring a dessert for the guests to enjoy. (Artists are also welcome to enjoy said desserts.)


We will have a map ready when you arrive to set up. Please understand that we will not be able to offer the 10X10 booths that you might be used to. As you set up, please keep in mind the need for people to be able to walk through the building and enjoy the space. Weather permitting, you could set up outside. On nice days people do tend to hang out on the patio and in the yard behind the studio. You will need to bring a tent if you think this is something you’d be interested in.



Please be prepared to bring your own displays. We have had extra panels in the past that we’ve set up for artists, but this year those panels will be put to other uses, so we cannot guarantee that we will have any to offer.



We will have postcards printed. You can use these for mailing, leaving at coffee shops, handing out to friends and neighbors, family gatherings, churches, synagogues, mosques, etc. Please let us know how many you’d like and if we need to mail them to

you or if you’ll be able to come by to pick them up.

Please find below the following downloadable collateral for promotions:

Jpg of the postcard that can be used to email to your client list, artwork formatted for: Facebook link posts *, Facebook photo upload, Instagram, both for Feed and for Story, Twitter


You are welcome to use these images in any other social media that you might find yourselves participating in, whether you participate by your own choice or through peer pressure from friends, family and/or children or Millennials.


* We will have a Facebook Event that you are welcome to share. We will boost this as an ad closer to the event date.


Please use the hashtag #BarryStudioShow2019 in social media. It’s less effective in printed material and emails, but don’t let that stop you.


When you are considering posting on social media, I find that people respond well to more candid posts. Consider posting works in progress, pictures of the artist at work, any other interesting perspectives you can come up with that don’t offend the Millennials, Baby Boomer (Gen-Xer’s don’t care, really) or break any Terms of Service agreements.


Barry’s website has an event page as well. You are welcome to direct your clients to that page. Also, in it you’ll find a link for artists that will take you to this same information—in case you prefer to read from a website rather than an email, or in case you misplace this email somewhere among the debris and flotsam of your creative process.


Please send us photos to use in our own promotions. Your finished products are ideal for this—shots you might use to apply for a juried show. We want to post regularly and with a variety of artwork to keep it fresh and interesting.


On the day of the show, we would LOVE it if you would check in to Studio 621 (the one on Lexington in Elgin, TX) on social media and if you would encourage your friends to do so. We love you even if you don’t, but it would bring a special happiness to our hearts if you do.

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