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New World, New Normal, New Ideas

Recently I had surgery on my hands due to the 30+ years of working so intensely with them, making jewelry. Add to that the global pandemic we are all experiencing and it is a little difficult for me to produce work and to present it to the world. However, I do have this lovely web page designed by the oh-so-talented Tamara Talamantes, founder of DaVinci Box. The idea was to have a place for people to come and see work that I have produced, but now I am moving toward selling online as well.

I don’t know that it will be as simple as filling up a shopping cart and checking out. The years of working in festivals and private shows has always given me the opportunity to have more personal interactions with my clients, and that is something I do not want to lose. I will be studying and researching different ways to approach this, but my goal is to showcase my work, let the world know which ones are available and which are out in the world. Ultimately clients will get in touch with me about something they’re (you’re) interested in.

All of my work is hand-fabricated. That being said, some pieces lend themselves to being duplicated more than others. A simple pendant with a blue stone can be recreated with a red stone. We could even work together if you wanted to add another yellow accent gem to the blue.

Many times, though, I am working with a larger cabochon, and the piece is built around that. These are more one-of-a-kind works because that stone cannot be duplicated. To me these unique pieces offer a special excitement. I strive for all of my work to transcend jewelry and to be art in its own right, art that you wear. These unique pieces take that to a new level.

We are all working through this tricky, yet historic time in our country. I do believe that we, as a nation, will learn from this experience. As the world opens up again I will be out there in the world, interacting with people face-to-face. I will never not enjoy that. But I think selling online will be another aspect of my presence in the community going forward. This difficult time will lead us, as artists, to find new ways to work with our audience. We will move forward and art will endure.

Thank you for taking the time to read this; and to those of you who I have known for years, thank you for being loyal customers.

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