T'is the Season to Get Busy

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Full disclosure: Barry's isn't really into computers and technology. Some of you may have already known that I, Cleo the Cat, assist in many ways with the social media promotions. Earnie and I have been working with Tamara Talamantes this season to help forge new territories for Barry, while he focuses his attention on new designs. With Tamara's design sense, my social media and promotion skills, and Earnie's opposable thumbs, we are making the dream come to life.

Here is a picture of Barry, busy designing a new piece as a special order for a customer. If you need a gift, you can contact us to find out what we have in stock, or he can design a one-of-a-kind piece for you. He seems to find this sort of thing exhilarating; some evenings he works well past midnight. I suppose when inspiration strikes he has to go with it.

Barry in his studio, where the magic happens

But, it's not all work/no play. Today the boys took the time to put up the Christmas tree. A few years ago they started a tradition of memorializing the animals who have left here and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It started with a picture of Barry holding Ms. Polly by a Christmas tree. Earnie made the picture into a Christmas ornament as a surprise. It didn't take much for this to become a regular occurrence around here. Good thing they take so many pictures of us. ;) It's very touching. It almost makes me not want to knock the tree down. I mean... not that I'd ever do that... Anyway, here are a few pictures I managed to take without the benefit of Earnie's thumbs.

Our Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Ornament

Charlotte, in a pensive moment

Earnie's cat, Carmela

Bill, the sweetest dog that ever lived

Butter Bean, the ginger cat

It all started with Ms. Polly

It's time to get back to work now. Barry is making jewelry, Earnie has writing to do and I have a new Christmas tree box to break in. We'll see you soon.

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